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Most kickass product key finder, works with Office 2010 - NirSoft ProduKey

How to back up Google Authenticator codes

Foot control for power wheelchair

Everything you ever wanted to know about applying thermal paste on your CPU,3600.html

Symantec sinkholes half a million ZeroAccess botnet zombie bots

Keeping Christmas present hunters guessing with QR code gift tags

Free up some disk space by deleting windows update files
Remove Windows 7 SP1 backup files: dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /spsuperseded /hidesp
Move the Users folder to a different drive:
If you have a Z68 or Z77 motherboard, use Intel's Smart Response Technology for SSD caching (but no TRIM and no AHCI).

Windows 7 soft AP:
netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=Wifi key=Passphrase
netsh wlan start hostednetwork

Onion Pi - the Raspberry Pi Tor Proxy

Eagle PCB manufacturing tips

VLC dynamic range compression for movies that have too quiet dialogue and too loud action

Why you should never talk to the cops

Reuse old calendars!

Passive 3D projection using 2 projectors, 2 filters and glasses

What happens when engineers own dogs

Heli video camera aerial cinematography

Hand physical therapy device thingy

Wheelchair friendly truck - Goshichi mobility system


superhydrophobic glass - no reflections, self-cleans, anti-fog

High school senior kills cancer with nanotech, still can't legally drink

3D-printed bone replacements coming soon to an orthopedic surgeon near you, courtesy of WSU (video)

MIT unveils computer chip that thinks like the human brain, Skynet just around the corner

Researchers give a robot the ability to control a person's arm (video)

Newest Kinect hack: a grocery cart that loyally follows disabled shoppers (video)

New sensor can read your heart from afar, but knows not your feelings

Artificial tongue distinguishes 18 different types of canned tomato

Scientists build logic gates out of gut bacteria, then hopefully wash their hands

Scientists attempt to give spark of life to all-synthetic metal cells

Researchers use wireless network to monitor breathing, could save lives

DARPA harvests energy from cyborg beetles to keep them brainwashed

Microbots do heavy-lifting, self-repair, dance aquatic ballet (video)

28 years of sun exposure on half of the face

Accelerometer-based acoustic touch screen on a blackboard

Pregnant teen dies after abortion ban delays her chemo treatment for leukemia
Woman denied abortion dies in hospital